Superdream Dedetizadora

Superdream Saneamento Ambiental Ltda is a company with tradition in the field, with over 30 years of experience, offering its customers the best in the pest control market today and also in the field of Phytosanitary and Quarantine Treatment (Purge) in the world. International transit of Vegetables and their parts (wood, grain, etc.) Containers (FEC), Ship Holds (FPN), Canvas Chambers (FCL), Silos (FSH) and Forced Hot Air (AQF). We are present in the cities of Belém - PA, Santarém - PA, Itajaí - SC, and Porto Velho - RO. Old Port / Rondonia: (069) 3224-4412 (69) 8118-3307 (69) 8118-3315