Mediterranean Shipping Company

To MSC: Global Container Shipping Company and a private global organization operating a network of more than 480 desks in 150 countries, undertaking a team of more than 24,000 dedicated professionals. To MSC: Global Container Shipping Company has a total of 465 container ships with a movement capacity of about 2.6 million TEU. Its navigation scales global copper 200 broken and utilized 315 ports, allowing to deliver your cargo practically anywhere in the world. A supply of sea freight and complemented hair service integrated armazenagem e de reboque, which allows us to offer a true portal to portal service. As a company, we accredit regional operation or transportation independently. Isto means that we are able to offer a global service with an unparalleled local service. We have experienced and experienced specialists available to provide support to all of our services, including refrigerated container, excessive load, fractional load, and each of these services operates side-by-side with your needs. Isto gives us the condition of manter or excellent attention to what we are recognized worldwide and allows us to offer reassurance that we will be ready to help whenever necessary.