Fundação Dom Cabral

O PAEX is a Parceria that brings together medium-sized companies in search of implementation of a management model with focus on results and increased competitiveness. By means of gradation construction of conhecimento and do intercâmbio of experiences, the participants discuss their management models, placing management and strategic ferramentas in practice. Tudo isso comos professores da FDC accompanying side by side. In that environment, the results will appear in medium and long terms, by means of real-life strategy of each company and with management evaluations to measure or progress two business. To guarantee a rich interchange of information, or PAEX integrates more than 600 companies between regional groups not Brazil, Paraguai, Portugal, Mexico and the USA. Parceria that generates results • Redefinition of the management strategy of the company based on an integrated model. • Definition of performance indicators of the organization. • Periodic accompaniment of goals. • Expansion of two horizons from the beginning of his business management. • Intercâmbio between companies for sharing of practical practices. • Implementation of management methodologies in: Marketing and Sales, Process Management, Management of Projects, Project Management, Finances, Operations and Logistics. • Melhoria gives us economic-financial results. Participants Medium sized business groups • Gathered in a mesma região. • Do not agree with each other, preferably. • In the continuous process of development. The são groups constituted by até dez companies of uma mesma região. This format facilitates or intercâmbio e or acesso àsivivities, preventing you from having leaders to relocate from your territorial base. Activities Development of business project with business • Development and implementation of strategic planning and vision of the future of the company, individually revaluing or denying its business. Review of the business project • Analyze and reavaliação do strategic planning developed in partnership with the company. Avaliações gestionis mensais • Avaliação of results, control of goals and accompanying initiatives to achieve two defined strategic objectives not business project. Monitoring / Methodologies • Practical application of conhecimento em gestão with specialists in the areas of Marketing and Sales, Processes, Projects, Finances, Operations and Logistics implemented according to the needs of each company. Leadership Development Program - PDD • Annually, three executives per company participated in a 96-hour training program, composed of six modules in Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Finances, Pessoas, Processes and Projects. Program for the Development of Advanced Leaders - PDDA • Space to discuss emerging issues of management for the main executive or the one who has participated in the PDD.