Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Rondônia

FIERO - FEDERAÇÃO DAS INDÚSTRIAS DO ESTADO DE RONDÔNIA Rua Rui Barbosa, nº 1112 - Armando Monteiro Neto Building Porto Velho - RO - CEP 76.801-186 ORIGEM CERTIFICATES Or Certificate of Origin and document that confer ao your detentor or direct to benefit two International Agreements that grant preferential rates to the signatory countries. Munido do Certificate of Origem, or importer will obtain a substantial reduction in taxes paid when due to importation. On the other hand, the Toronto-based products are more competitive and have greater opportunities to penetrate the common markets or Brazil, and keep these agreements. Due to agreements signed by Brazil, both non-scope of Aladi, and Mercosul, to Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Rondônia FIERO, through the International Center of Businesses of Rondônia CIN / RO, authorized to issue Origem Certificates, including co-responsável com or applicant that does not concern the authenticity of two data contained in the respective documents. In this segment, to FIERO, through CIN, International Business Center, the large parcel of SC Transport, issuing with speed and agility, or Certificate of Exportation of two exporting clients from Rondônia, Acre and Sul do Amazonas. Contact: Vera Motomya Valdinéia Leitão Phone: (69) 3216-3409